Resolution In Support of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech at
Public Colleges and Universities

Enacted at the June 15, 2017 General Meeting

Whereas, at this pivotal time when free speech and academic freedom is under threat, it is an essential and uniquely American task to provide space where diverse points of view can be aired and debated; and

Whereas, the existence of this space is nowhere more important and appropriate than on the campuses of our public colleges and universities; and

Whereas, campuses across the country are facing the dynamic of invited speakers who some members of the campus community and the public view as controversial; and

Whereas, colleges have clearly and publicly confirmed that invitations made to speakers by students or faculty do not imply approval or endorsement by the institution of the views expressed by the speaker; and

Whereas, Educational institutions taking action because critics object to the content of speech would conflict with the First Amendment; and

Whereas, IND supports the right of public colleges and universities to select speakers and for students to hear diverse views without political interference;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the IND supports the right of public colleges and universities to invite speakers regardless of controversy and without political interference.