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Resolution in Support of Family Miranda Rights Act

WHEREAS, the mission of the Independent Neighborhood Democrats (IND) includes “bring[ing] the people of the 52nd Assembly District into active participation in the political process; engag[ing] with neighborhood organizations and groups to foster a greater civic and political voice for our community, translat[ing] civic activity into positive political activity, encourag[ing] enrollment in the Democratic Party, and elect[ing] Democratic candidates responsive to the needs of the community;” and

WHEREAS, the General Membership of IND was moved by the presentation by Chanel Porchia-Albert at its March 2024 Meeting; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Porcia-Albert outlined various ways that maternal health care in Brooklyn is lacking and proposed legislation to help solve such issues; and

WHEREAS, the Family Miranda Rights Act (S901/A1980) would require child protective services to orally and in writing disclose certain information to parents and caretakers who are the subject of a child protective services investigation. Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Independent Neighborhood Democrats call on the New York State Legislature to pass and Governor Hochul to sign the Family Miranda Rights Act.

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