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The Independent Neighborhood Democrats aim:

  • To bring the people of the 52nd Assembly District into active participation in the political process;
  • To develop coalitions of neighborhood organizations and groups in order to foster a greater civic and political voice for our community;
  • To translate civic activity into positive political activity;
  • To develop ongoing projects and programs that will involve and enrich the people of the 52nd Assembly District;
  • To encourage the participation of all Democrats in the affairs of their Party, to encourage enrollment in the Democratic Party, and to work toward the election of Democratic candidates who are responsible for the needs of the community; and
  • To seek and support candidates for party and public office with ability and integrity and to encourage the appointment of qualified public officials and employees.

For more information, see our Constitution.

Current Officers

Seamus Campbell


Danielle Zuckerman

First Vice President

Karen Johnson

Second Vice President

Victoria Eastus



Corresponding Secretary

Lyn Hill

Recording Secretary

Ilyssa Meyer

President Emeritus

Steven Brounstein

Executive Board Chair

Jo Anne Simon

Member of the Assembly (ex-officio)

Lydia Green

District Leader/State Committee Member (ex officio)

Aaron Ouyang

District Leader/State Committee Member (ex officio)

At-Large Executive Board Members

Aileen Doherty
Julia Elmaleh-Sachs
Bridget Farrell
Hal Friedman
Sari Kisilevsky
Maya Kornberg
Arthur Levy

Joan Millman
Gregory Monte
Susannah Pasquantonio
Hamiz Rasool
Nancy Schuh
Jason Shelly
Ira Weinstock

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