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May 16, 2024 Meeting Summary

Subotnick Center Brooklyn Law School and via Zoom

Seamus Campbell, President of IND, convened the meeting.

Nora Brickman and Mabel Tso of New Yorkers for Equal Rights gave a presentation about the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the New York State Constitution. The amendment has already been endorsed by IND. The presenters encouraged active support of the amendment in the forms of advocacy and financial contributions. Currently, there are court challenges to the validity of the amendment, but they are not expected to prevail.

A motion to have IND join the coalition that forms New Yorkers for Equal Rights was made and passed.

A resolution in support of closing Rikers was passed.

A resolution in support of street vendors was tabled at the request of its sponsor who was not able to be present at this meeting.

Norma Jean Jennings,  one of IND’s endorsed judicial candidates, thanked the Club for their endorsement and primary support.

Jo Anne Simon, 52nd AD Assemblymember, provided an Albany update. There are three weeks left before the end of the session and there is currently a race to get numerous bills passed. Jo Anne is focused on bills relating to gun violence and forgiveness of student loans for lawyers working in public service.

Jo Anne has a primary challenger and welcomes volunteers to help with her campaign.

Seamus provided a brief update on PSC and other union efforts to get additional funding for CUNY colleges.

Upcoming events of interest to IND members include:

  • June 28: Congressman Goldman Petition Appreciation
  • June 9: Fundraiser for Jo Anne Simon
  • June 19: Fifth Avenue Fair

On motion duly passed, the meeting was adjourned at 8: 05 pm.

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