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March 21, 2024 Meeting Summary

Brooklyn Law School and via Zoom

Seamus Campbell, President of IND, announced that all petitions are due on March 26.

Early voting in the Presidential primary will start on March 23. Jo Anne Simon, Ilyssa Meyer, and Carlos Calzadilla, members of IND, are all on the ballot as delegates to the Democratic Convention.

A resolution in support of New Yorkers United for Childcare was passed by the body.

The body endorsed the IND delegates and alternate delegates to the Judicial Convention.

Shahana Hanif, City Council Member for the 39th Council District, gave an update via Zoom.

Judge Bernard Graham, who is running unopposed for the Surrogates Court, explained the importance and challenges of the Surrogates Court.

Chanel Porchia Albert, an advocate for Women’s Reproductive Health, made a presentation. Relevant bills that she discussed included the ERA, Informed Consent, and Family Miranda Rights. She also talked about the effects that closing SUNY Downstate’s University Hospital would have on the Central Brooklyn population.

Lincoln Restler, City Council Member for the 33rd Council District explained his position on vendors on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jo Anne Simon, Assemblymember for the 52nd AD, provided an update on the budget being debated in Albany.

Susannah Pasquantonio asked for help and support as the petitioning process concluded.

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