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February 15, 2024 Endorsement Meeting Summary

Brooklyn Law School and via Zoom

Seamus Campbell, President of IND, provided an update on candidates who have dropped out of their races or decided not to make presentations to the group.

Rebecca Baillin, executive director of New Yorkers United for Childcare made a presentation to the membership and asked for support, including a resolution that opposes the Mayor’s cuts to childcare and, in particular, 3K programs. The body voted to draft and approve such a resolution.

Scott Budow, Democratic candidate for Assembly Member in the 52nd AD, made a presentation requesting endorsement in the primary.

Three candidates for Civil Court Judge made presentations asking for IND endorsements:

  • Alexis Riley
  • Turquoise Haskin
  • Tehilah Berman

State Senator Andrew Gounardes made a presentation to the Club including an update on recent legislative highlights and asking for IND’s endorsement.

The following candidates for Municipal Court Judge made presentations asking for IND endorsements.

  • Kenneth Gayle
  • Norma Jean Jennings
  • Janice Robinson

Sabrina Gates, who is running for District Leader in the 52nd AD, gave a presentation, asking for IND endorsement.

Susannah Pasquantonio made an appeal to the body to consider running for County Committee.

Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon provided an update on Congressional redistricting.

A motion to suspend the IND custom of requiring that judicial candidates have been screened by appropriate bodies in order to be endorsed by IND, was made and seconded but failed.

The group then entered into breakout rooms to discuss the candidates before endorsement votes.

The body was then asked to enter their votes, electronically; the results to be announced later in the evening.

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