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April 20, 2023 Meeting Summary

Brooklyn Law School Room 504 and via Zoom

Ilyssa Meyer, President of IND, reported on our petitioning efforts during the past month. IND members collected 1801 signatures for our endorsed candidates in the 52nd Assembly District. Ilyssa congratulated all members who carried petitions, especially the those who gathered the largest number of signatures: Hal Friedman, Arthur Levy, and Ira Weinstock.

Ilyssa reported that the final map showing new assembly districts in New York State has been released and the map shows that the lines around the 52nd AD have not changed materially. Ilyssa expressed thanks to members who testified in person or in writing, asking the commission that created the final map to keep our district intact.

A motion to adopt a Resolution calling on the New York State Legislature to pass the Elder Parole bill (S.2423/A.2035) and the Fair & Timely Parole Act (S.307/A.162) was made, seconded and passed by the body.

Sal Albanese made a presentation on behalf of the “Final Five NYC” system.  Final Five voting involves a combination of two election reforms:

  1. A single, non-partisan, open preliminary election in June in which all candidates and voters can participate, regardless of their political party registration,
  2. The top-five vote-getters would then advance to an instant run-off general election in November.

He asked for IND to endorse the Final Five NYC proposal.

Haley Scott, chief of staff for Congressman Dan Goldman, discussed the congressman’s priorities in Washington and for the 10th Congressional District.

Maya Kornberg, member of IND and author of the new book, Inside Congressional Committees, gave a presentation in which she highlighted some of the key points in her book.  The book examines the legislative process beyond voting patterns, emphasizing the role of congressional committee hearings. The book includes an exploration of who committees hear from and how they listen, and also suggests reforms that can strengthen Congress.

Raul Rothblatt, a community activist, gave a presentation about his group’s effort to have a cultural destination in downtown Brooklyn that honor’s the area’s abolitionist history and the women who fought against slavery with a “Sisters in Freedom” monument at Abolition Place (previously Willoughby Square Park). He asked IND for a letter of support of the proposal.

Ira Weinstock asked that the group consider ways to oppose the Public Service Commission’s proposal to dramatically raise utility rates.

Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon told the group that the State Budget has still not been agreed on and another extender was passed. She also expressed satisfaction with the final district map, which make few changes to the lines that were previously in place.

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