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April 18, 2024 Meeting Summary

Subotnick Center Brooklyn Law School and via Zoom

Danielle Zuckerman, First Vice President of IND, officiated for the first part of the meeting.

A representative from the Campaign to Close Rikers gave a detailed presentation on the group’s position and the reasons for it.

A representative from the Street Vendor Project provided an update on the group’s recent activities and proposed regulations/legislation regarding street vendors on the Brooklyn Bridge and in other areas.

Councilmember Shahana Hanif (39th CD) joined via Zoom to provide an update on her activities and the City Council legislation most relevant to her district.

 Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon (52nd AD) gave an update, via Zoom, on progress of the NYS budget.

Rena Malik noted that this would be her last meeting with IND and expressed her gratitude to the Club for its support of her candidacy and election as Civil Court Judge.

Seamus Campbell, President of IND, officiated for the remainder of the meeting. He announced that the petitioning process had been very successful, with 1,656 signatures collected for the 52nd AD, and a total number of 1,958. For Andrew Gounardes, 1,194 signatures were collected; for Zellnor Myrie, 384; for Dan Goldman, 10 and for Nydia Velazquez, 45. Top IND petitioners were Ira Weinstock (247 signatures), Susannah Pasquantonio (153 signatures), and Art Levy (117 signatures).

Linda Wilson sent a thank-you message to the Club for its support of her candidacy for Civil Court Judge.

Three resolutions were passed:

  •  in support of the Informed Consent Bill
  • in support of the Family Miranda Rights Act
  • in support of the Equal Rights Amendment

were passed unanimously. (Full texts of these resolutions are in the Resolutions Tab of the website.)

Good and Welfare:

  • Karen Johnson is currently hospitalized.
  • Ilyssa Meyer and Kenan Kurt have a new baby boy; Solomon Edward, born April 4.

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks:

  • Fundraiser for Jo Anne Simon (April 21)
  • Rally for Health Care Workers (May 1)
  • Fundraiser for Andrew Gounardes (May 16)
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